As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen…

Winnie the Pooh

Welcome to Two Wee Adventurers. We are a mother and son team (sometimes joined by dad) who want to spend more time exploring the outdoors and to share our experiences and inspire others.

We’re certainly no adrenalin-junkie adventurers, we haven’t cycled round the world, or even the country, nor rowed across the Atlantic, or even actually rowed come to think of it. We’re just a simple-living family who wish to introduce a little more adventure into our everyday lives, spend more time in and with nature and get to know our local places, as well as further afield, a little more intimately.

After sharing a few tales of our mother and son adventures with other families I realised that lots parents had never thought of taking their child bivvying or cooking a meal outdoors together but were interested to hear of our experiences and were even tempted to try something similar themselves. I started Two Wee Adventurers as a way of recording our outdoor exploits, indulge in my growing passion for writing and to show other parents both with and without previous outdoor experience that outdoor adventuring with a family is an achievable option!

Frustrated by our general culture of spending more and more time indoors, connected to a screen and intuitively feeling that children (and adults) should be outside more, feeling the earth between their toes and the wind in their hair, my wish is to instead encourageĀ a deeper connection with nature, landscape, place and with each other.