I was disappointed that the cloud cover was too extensive to see the latest Supermoon on November 14th. Over the past few weeks Finn and I have been embracing the darkness by heading out on a few lantern-led night walks and we were looking forward to a moonlit stroll on Tuesday.

Our night walking adventures began with intention last year when we headed down to our local nature spot by the banks of the upper Clyde river to watch the rising of the Super Harvest Blood Moon and it’s red tinted reflection on the water. We took head-torches, but only as a backup; we didn’t use them. My intention was for us to experience our well trodden walk from a different perspective, one that embraced all of our senses as we are usually so predominantly reliant on our visual awareness. It’s surprising how different a familiar place can feel under the cover of darkness.

Moon Walk 2

Finn enjoyed that first evening microadventure so much he started to request a night walk a couple of times a week. Knowing Finn, it was probably just a guise to delay bedtime. But more often than not I’d agree and we’d head out, well dressed up, on a mini night-time adventure. On clear nights we’d star gaze, searching for the few constellations with which we were familiar and learning new ones as time went on. We followed the progress of the moon and learnt about the moon’s phases, we developed our night vision and awareness by seeing how far we could walk without resorting to turning on our torches and we noted how different it was on a moonlit compared to a moonless night. We admired our moon shadows and listened to the sounds of the night, our hearing becoming more heightened as our vision became more restricted.

Moon Walk 5

Moon Walk 3

It was an extra special experience to head out after a snow fall. We had snowball fights in the dark and could easily spot and identify animal tracks in the snow that would not otherwise have been visible. It surprised us to see how many different animals were prowling around so close to home, which we otherwise unaware of.

So as the nights draw in ever earlier, we intend to embrace the encroaching darkness by exploring the night time environment and all it’s magic.

Moon Walk 4