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Beginning our “Year of Microadventures”

Last night Finn and I were joined by another mother and son to begin our “Year of Microadventures” with a backyard bivvi. For the next year we plan to spend at least one night every month sleeping out in the open with only a bivvi bag for cover. Being our first collective winter bivvi we decided to begin close to home with the safety of a shelter to retreat to if anyone grew unhappy.

The early evening skies were clear and in the absence of street lights where we live they were alive with the brilliance of thousands of stars. A hard frost already covered the ground as we began our microadventure with a night walk across crisp, sparkling fields down to the river. We searched for the star constellations we knew, listened carefully and tried to identify the sounds of the night and observed the effects of light pollution; an orange haze clinging over the nearby towns and villages like a cloak. The temperature had already dipped below freezing but dressed in several layers of clothes we were warm. Back in the garden we lit a fire and made up our ‘beds’ for the night, complete with the luxury of hot water bottles. Then began the greatest challenge of all – trying to get ourselves into our thick sleeping and bivvi bags while dressed in so many layers. A good fifteen minutes later with this finally accomplished Finn announced that he needed to use the toilet and so we repeated the procedure once more…

We fell into slumber to the accompaniment of a couple of owls hooting in a nearby copse and the smell of wood smoke. Three times during the night I had to rescue a very distressed Finn who had managed to sink right down into his sleeping bag and couldn’t find his way out again. Some time during the night I felt the cool pitter patter of what I imagined was rain on the exposed patch of my face not cocooned in my sleeping bag. It was only when I sat up to rescue Finn from being trapped in his bag that I realised it had been snowing and now a sprinkle of the white stuff already dusted the garden and it’s sleeping occupants. It continued to snow lightly through the night but we all remained snug and warm with no thought of retreat to the house. We awoke to the light slowly returning over a winter white landscape, the cawing of rooks and the honking of an arrow formation of geese flying directly overhead. We were all so cosy tucked up in our bivvi bags and enlivened by our achievement that we were in no rush to seek shelter back inside so we sat together awhile appreciating the moment.

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  1. Love that you bivvied in the snow. Hats off!!

    • Kerry-Anne

      February 16, 2017 at 2:18 pm

      Thanks Bex! The forecast was actually for a dry night so the snow was a nice surprise. The boys didn’t actually notice it had been snowing on them until they woke in the morning!

  2. You guys are awesome and inspiring!

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